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February 1st, 2012

Yogi Tee Lakritz

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YES: Reeder 3 with Support for Fever°!! RT @reederapp Here is a sneak peek at one of the new features in Reeder 3... yfrog.com/kif25p

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pixelgraphix Minimalistische Taschenlampen-App für das iPhone: Lighty – A Simple Flashlight App, j.mp/yJcCQz

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@pixelgraphix Danke für den Tipp – die ist wirklich mal gelungen!

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Frühstück mit meiner Liebsten :-)

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stephenfry Less than 25% of Foxconn make Apple products, the rest is Dell, HP &c. But the real point is tforbes.com/sites/timworst…JKtwitpic.com/8e5cohPHFu

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